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Each Board Match event has a job-fair format, where the chief executives and board leaders from local nonprofits exhibit in order to meet and recruit new members for their organizations’ governing boards.

Board Match delivers 1,000+ quality candidates — in a single evening — to 150 nonprofits that can meet and talk to them, in person.

In the United States there are 1.1 million nonprofit public charities governed by boards of directors with an average of 15 members each — 16.5 million board members.

All nonprofits need to recruit new members eventually. On average they are recruiting for 3 positions — 3.3 million new board member — 60% of nonprofits find that to be “difficult.”

It’s difficult because each of those 2.5 million board seats is precious to their organizations — highly individual and important. Finding the right match can’t be left to chance.

Nonprofit organizations need board members with relevant skills, perspectives, and access to financial resources. It’s also important that they are representative of the community.

A growing number of volunteers want to put their professional skills to use while volunteering. Businesses that include employee volunteering in their corporate social responsibility are seeking volunteer opportunities more than ever before. Not only is board service a prime professional development opportunity, but it is also an essential duty for senior executives.

Our research indicates that, on average, each new board member adds over $9,400 of value to their organization for each year of service. Measured in these terms, every board match event delivers over $2,350,000 in value to the participating nonprofits.



Board Match is much more than just a one-stop-shop for your executive director, board chair, and board members to meet prospective board candidates. Nonprofits are selected through an application process, which identifies your specific needs, provides board-building training to your leadership, and recruits a pool of high-quality, diverse candidates with training and resources for your board.


Nonprofit board service offers young and mid-career professionals opportunities to become organizational and community leaders, with benefits for their own professional growth, as well as an entrée into philanthropy and civic stewardship that inspires others and can become a pattern for life. It offers seasoned professionals approaching retirement a vital next step in a lifelong career, the opportunity to put well-honed skills to use, build new networks, and foster the growth of other leaders.


Board Match candidates are recruited from major companies with a heavy concentration of executive managers from corporations and professional services firms. Contact us to find out how you can help promote board service opportunities to your employees. Sponsorship opportunities are also currently available for upcoming events in New York, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.


The Board Match is a national program operated by The Volunteer Center, a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. The Board Match is a registered trademark of The Volunteer Center.

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